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Benefits of Timber Flooring 

Why Choose Timber Flooring in Brisbane

In Brisbane, timber flooring is a very popular option. The warm climate means that wooden flooring is a practical choice for home-owners in and around Brisbane. Most of the year there is no need for warm carpets underfoot, so timber flooring in Brisbane is without a doubt the best option.

There are so many other benefits of natural timber flooring:

Natural Beauty

The aesthetic qualities of wood can never be overlooked. A wood flooring gives your house a classy and elegant look that is incomparable to any other flooring object. In addition to this, there are very many species of wood with different grains and colours, thus giving you more variety to choose from. Timber flooring works well in any home or commercial setting. Regardless of what furnishing and home decor, you go for a wooden floor will blend in and look great. They work exceptionally well for those who like a minimalist or contemporary look.

Adds Value to your home

Real wood floors are trendy and are a sought after feature. Potentially, they add value to your home and make your home easier to sell when you want to move. Ask any real estate agent, and they will attest to the fact that timber floors are held in high repute and add real value to most homes and commercial buildings. Timber Flooring cannot help but transform your home and thus add value to your home.

Thermal Comfort

Wood being an excellent insulator, it plays a significant role in the maintenance of room temperature. Wood prevents the flow of heat out of and into the house during winters and summers, respectively, thus making the rooms more comfortable due to the ambient temperature. Wood is never cold underfoot. It looks warm and welcoming and feels that way underfoot, but will not wear fast as carpet does.

Softer underfoot

Unlike tiles and concrete which tire the feet, wood is softer than them and hence more comfortable to walk on.

Reduced Allergens

Wood is also very much preferred because they do not harbour dust mites and allergens such as soil thus helping in improving the air quality in a room. They are therefore handy, especially for asthmatic people.

Adaptability of colour/finish

If you buy a real wood floor, you can have the floor stripped and finished in a different colour if you want to. This means that a wooden floor can easily be adapted to fit in when you redecorate.

It is also possible to have patterns built into a wooden floor. Parquet is a popular pattern, but there are dozens of other finishes such as herringbone available. This option turns an ordinary floor into a beautiful feature and focal point for your room.

You can choose between a shiny or a more muted finish, so whatever look you are trying to achieve you can do it with a timber floor. In areas like the kitchen where you may need to mop it frequently a harder more durable finish is possible,

In the winter, you can lay a few rugs over the floor to change the look and feel of your room. With a hardwood floor and a bit of imagination, you effectively get several floors for the price of one, because you can change it to suit your new tastes.

Easy to maintain

Wooden floors are straightforward to maintain. All you need to do is to sweep or vacuum them occasionally and run a mop over the floor now and again to keep them hygienically clean.

Hard wearing

Real wood is exceptionally hard-wearing. Only stone or tiles beat it for durability, but those are both cold underfoot, so are not the right choice for the main living areas of most homes.

Longer Lasting

You can expect a real wood floor to last for literally a lifetime. There are wooden floors in the world that were laid hundreds of years ago and are still in use today. You see them in churches, historic homes and public buildings across the globe. These floors look lovely even though they are hundreds of years old, so to say that they are hardwearing is an understatement.

Environmentally Friendly

Timber Flooring is a renewable, eco-friendly product. The fact that a wooden floor can last for hundreds of years makes them exceptionally environmentally friendly. Virtually no other flooring material can match it in terms of green credentials, especially when you factor in the fact that while growing a tree clears the air of carbon dioxide and breathes out oxygen. They act as the lungs of the earth.

While growing, trees look beautiful and bring joy to all those who see them. They also provide homes and food for wildlife, insects and birds. Their leaves enrich the soil when they fall, and they stop soil erosion, so trees are incredibly beneficial to people. Provided you buy a wooden floor that has been recycled or is produced by a grower who replaces each felled tree with one or more new trees, you will be helping the environment. Wood captures carbon from the atmosphere reducing greenhouse gases.

Laid by craftsmen

Buying a wooden floor also helps continue the traditional woodworking skills of our craftspeople to earn a living and keep their skills alive. In this way, investing in timber floors for your project will help society and our community benefit from their craftsmanship in the years ahead.