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Maintenance of Timber Floors

Treat Your Timber Floors Right... and enjoy them for a longer time.

Timber Flooring is known for its longevity and durability, however general and regular maintenance is required to maintain timbers great looks. Timber Flooring is resilient to spills and does not stain however heavy traffic areas will need care and maintenance.


Just Polished Floors- Careful Attention

Newly finished floors must not be walked on within 24 hours once coated and then only with socks. Be careful: the floor is very sensitive for the first 4 weeks. Light furniture can be moved in after 48 hours. With heavy furniture and rugs with a plastic bottom, it's advisable to wait at least 4 days. It is also advisable to be careful with water in the beginning. The water must be removed immediately in order to avoid spots. 


Remember to

  • Add leg protectors under your heavy furniture to prevent indent’s or scratch marks.
  • Use rugs on high traffic areas such as the entrance or hallway
  • When mopping always use water sparingly
  • Make sure feet and shoes are clean and free of sand before stepping onto the Timber Flooring
  • If possible adopt a NO SHOES rule for people on your timber floors

Timber floors will need cleaning around once a month, at the very least. Mopping once a week (with just a slightly damp mop) is definitely appropriate for rooms such as a lounge or kitchen, this ensures that any dirt left from shoes or anything else is cleaned. A vacuum is required after mopping to remove any residual dust or dirt left behind. Please use a dry mop, as water does not react well with timber.

Must Do's

Liquids or mud that are spilt onto the flooring should be removed as soon as possible. This will help avoid any scratching to the surface or potential slipping accidents. It is also advised that you use floor protectors under any heavy furniture you have on the surface, this just helps to keep the floor looking amazing.


Timber Floor Enemies

  1. Direct sunlight will fade and degrade the timber finish, colour and appearance
  2. Excessive traffic in an entry way or hallway will degrade the finish and prompt a recoat of sealant
  3. Water intrusion from open doors or windows will damage your timber floors. Ensure your timber floored areas remain water tight.