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Sanding & Polishing

Restore Your Timber Flooring To New Again

As one of the most popular flooring materials Timber Floors not only looking great, but they last longer than other flooring materials. Time, wear and tear result in your timber flooring losing some of its shine. Blisswood Timber Floors offer a wide range of floor restoration services, the simplest of which is floor sanding and repolishing. 

Floor sanding is a cost effective way to get your floor back to its perfect condition. So if your timber floor is looking a little worse for wear, then floor sanding and polishing is the perfect solution. 

Floor sanding removes the damage and visible wear from the surface of your floorboards. Once this layer has been removed, we simply apply a suitable finish, from a high gloss to a medium gloss, to a low gloss sheen. Some clients request oiled finishes, or other variations on traditional timber finishing.

Other request the addition of a colour stain or wash. The result is an immaculate timber flooring that’s as good as new, but with a modern, on trend colour way to suit your decor. The process allows you to retain the character of your timber flooring, which is one of timber flooring’s most prominent and popular features. loor sanding and polishing

Blisswood floor sanding and polishing is far more economical than replacing your timber floor entirely. For a quote call or email today.

  • Sanding & Polishing
  • 04-24-2017