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Parquetry Flooring

New or Restored Parquetry to suit your requirements.

Parquetry is a hard wearing and visually stunning flooring. It is precision milled and is designed to be glued down over a solid, flat subfloor. Parquetry’s versatility allows it to be installed over concrete, plywood subfloor or even over existing timber flooring. This simply results in a beautiful finish which will become a feature in your home!

Parquetry Patterns – There are two types of parquetry patterns, block parquetry and mosaic parquetry. These two effects can be combined with a number of timber types, however, most of the timber available for strip flooring is available for a parquetry floor.

When it comes to parquetry patterns and borders, there are limitless choices available, and Blisswood Timber Floors are the experts at helping you choice the right style for your home or office. Whether you choose a style below or create one of your own, Blisswood Timbers Floors can accommodate your needs. We offer expert advice on the style of parquetry patterns, borders and timber selections so you get the best possible results.

  • Parquetry
  • 04-24-2017