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Ash Timber Flooring by Blisswood


Ash Silver Timber Flooring

Flindersia Bourjotiana

Also known as Bumpie Ash

Ash Silvertop Timber Flooring

Eucalyptus Siebert

Also known as Coast Ash

Ash White Timber Flooring

Eucalyptus fraxinoides

Victorian Ash Timber Flooring

Victorian Ash is the collective name for Mountain Ash (eucalyptus regnant) and Alpine Ash (eucalyptus delegatensis). Grown in south eastern Victoria, predominantly along the Great Dividing Range, these virtually identical hardwoods are renowned for their exceptional height and straightness. Victorian Ash is sought after for appearance grade applications such as flooring &staircases. Natural features, such as gum vein, add decorative appeal to this species, telling the tale of the tree’s previous life in the natural elements. For Victorian Ash Timber Flooring in and around Brisbane- contact Blisswood Timber Floors.