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Why Choose Blisswood

38 Years Industry Experience

That's a long time in any industry. We've seen it all. Our experience eclipses most competitors. So if you want it done right think Blisswood.

Trusted Australia-wide by Major Developers

There's a reason we're the preferred contractor for major firms and developers. Their reputation and the quality of their project is on the line. Don't risk inferior results - deal with Blisswood for the best outcome and longest lasting result.

Unique to Blisswood Quality Process

While Blisswood is famous for our attention to detail, and superior construction methodologies, it's only recently that we've documented our quality system. We now have a documented quality system and a set of procedures compliant with ISO 9001.

All Timber Species in Stock

At Blisswood we source all significant timber flooring species, and most of the rare ones as well. If you have a particular timber in mind, ask us and you'll have a fast answer on availability and pricing.... and more importantly, our viewpoint on the applicability of that species for what you have in mind.

Chain of Custody Certified Timbers

It's important to know that the timbers we source are from sustainable forests and are certified. When applicable this chain of custody information may be made available, as required.

Renewable Australian Forests

Everytime you specify timber you are doing something for the environment. Carbon capture is one of the best features of timber, and in using timber you create demand for more timber to be planted, and the cycle is repeated. Most of the flooring species we use are from sustainable renewable plantations. Let's celebrate timber and its role in reducing green house gases.

Stable Timbers Installed to Last

The secret to a quality job is the minimisation of movement, to prevent a floor ageing prematurely. At Blisswood we've nailed the fixing process... pardon the pun, and our work lasts longer than the competition. Why? It's a difference that starts with the right species, grade and seasoning of the timber, coupled with fixing smarts that ensure longevity of the installation.

Customised Installations to Suit Your Site

Our clients rely on us to come up with the goods. Our thorough site investigations and vast experience allow us to confidently deliver customised solutions for even the most intricate and demanding of jobs, and for the most fastidious architect, developer or client. Our customised solutions have saved our clients money, and we've rescued numerous failed timber floors of other contractors.

Superior Value for Money

We are not the cheapest. However we do deliver amazing value for money. When you factor in our superior finish and longer lasting installations, even on a dollar per sq metre per year of use, we probably do eclipse the cheapest competitor hands down. This is because you won't the the trouble of fault rectification and early resurfacing to deal with.

Attention to the Minute Details

Jeff Bliss is attuned to slightest defect in timbers and the subfloors we have to work with. Jeff's attention to the minute details has forged our reputation for quality and superior finishes. It's this relentless pursuit of perfection that ensures our floors last longer, look better and deliver their promise.

Highest Quality QBCC Guaranteed for 5+ Years

We guarantee our work and the quality of the fixing and finish for a minimum of 5 years. Most of our clients report a love affair with their Blisswood timber floor stretching beyond a decade, and approaching two, with the occassional sand and repolish.